18 December 2023 Roelof Veenbaas in Magazine Personenvervoer 6.23 p 16/17


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” Nelson Mandela

The pupils transport crisis is a complex problem that tolerates single solutions badly. The characteristic of complex problems is that no one, including me, has a complete picture of the whole of reality. On the other hand, people (especially people around the workplace) are most aware of this complexity and often best equipped to deal with it. By identifying risks and trying to prevent calamities. That is, if they are given the space to do so! As Todd Conklin, Senior Organizational and Safety Culture Advisor, points out, “We need to keep talking about risk!”

This requires to look critically at one’s own role continuously, questioning the other openly about their image of reality and taking signals seriously. We can start doing that now by deepening the adage “A lot is going well!” What is going well where? What can we learn? Built on the work of giants like Conklin, that’s why I’m writing this opinion on the driver crisis in pupils transport to and from school.
What do we actually mean by Quality in the sector?

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Open letter Code VVR (SFM)

The following letter was sent to the authors of the Code VVR and parties involved in the transport and wheelchair provision. Because there are currently two Codes I use the term Code VVR (SFM) here. The code was published by Social Mobility Fund as secretariat on behalf of the Platform.
For me, safety and cooperation in the workplace are particularly important in the provision of wheelchairs and in transport.

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