Safety, quality and a suitable wheelchair

A wheelchair should fit like a glove!

In order, as a wheelchair user, to be able to function as optimally as possible functional requirements are drawn up for each wheelchair provision, which a wheelchair should meet. An inappropriate wheelchair can have major consequences for the physical condition of the user and therefore in education, being able to work, sports and other daily activities.
Therefore, in many cases these requirements are drawn up together with an occupational therapist. It may mean that a standard factory wheelchair needs to be adapted to meet the requirements package, or even providing a custom wheelchair fully individually adapted to one wheelchair user.

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Consideration for the Open Brief Code VVR (SFM)

International literature shows that the strength of a wheelchair (the impact test) is not the most important for safe transport. The correct use of seat belts and restraint systems in combination with the wheelchair and the (unique) occupant are at least equally important. Safety problems in wheelchair (taxi) transport require a joint approach all involved parties. Looking from the risk perspective of the wheelchair occupant and his / her transport environment.

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